• Cavatina: a font for writing music.
  • It’s just a font!
    Compose directly on TextEdit — your sheet music is saved as a rich text file.
  • Fast input
    Type your music like you type words.
  • Easy to learn
    Cavatina is easy to use. Our quick-start will get you started in minutes.
  • Export MIDI and MusicXML
    Export your music to MIDI or MusicXML in no time.

It’s just a font

Cavatina is a font for writing music. Just install it, open your text editor and think about that vocal duet or symphonic masterwork you always wanted to write (but never did). Especially, with Cavatina, your music is text: it will support all common text manipulation commands such as copy, paste and cut, as well as our true old friend Cmd/Ctrl-Z.


Type your ideas fast using just the keyboard of your laptop or desktop computer. No mouse, no unnecessary clicks, no complicated menus: it’s music at your fingertips, if you like. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a keypad (neither if you do have one). We want you to be able to capture your musical ideas before you forget them.

Easy to learn

Cavatina relies on an input system which is both simple and intuitive, and thus really easy to grasp. The Learn section explains everything you need to get started right away. The quick start includes a text-box to play around with Cavatina on your browser while you read the documentation.

MusicXML Export

Once you develop an idea with Cavatina, you can export your text to a MusicXML file with a right-click and do the fine-tuning on any other notation program like Sibelius, Finale or Musescore. Check out the converter.

Minimum Requirements
  • WindowsBrowsers: Latest versions of Chrome, Firefox or Opera.
    MacOSText editors: TextEdit (1.6) on MacOS X (10.6.8).
    Browsers: Latest versions of Chrome, Firefox or Opera.
  • A computer keyboard (and a computer as well). Check the Keyboard section for a list of currently supported layouts. If your keyboard layout isn’t there, contact me.
  • Not being a robot.